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A Guide to Careers in Science Writing


IGCSE Science writers working freelance must suffer through a range of payment rates. Some jobs may pay up to £1 per word. Others may pay significantly less. Many freelance writers have regular clients that pay well, but sometimes, they must accept lower paying work in-between the higher paying assignments. This can create a situation where, at times, science writers are writing “in bulk” to keep income levels relatively stable. Very successful work from home freelance science writers are able to live off the money from one assignment while waiting for the next assignment to come in.

A Guide to Careers in Science Writing

One of the most challenging tasks with which science writers are charged in college is translating the complicated technical language used by scientists and researchers to younger or less informed public including students. Simply regurgitating an IGCSE science story in the same language severely limits the audience of the story, so it must be translated into terms that make it understandable to the average person. In addition, science writers cannot simply report what happened. The story must be put into perspective according to social, historical, political or economic context. Science writers must also balance the story between researchers making the discoveries and opposing scientists critical of the research.

The work of writers is extremely important in modern society because they keep the public abreast of the direction the world and society are moving. The best part of the job is reporting on the exciting new discoveries and what they mean for the future. Another part of the job that can be as equally exciting is acting as a referee and stirring up public debate on controversial issues in science that may challenge long-held traditions. However, science writers must also cover the bad with the good, such as the destruction and loss of life occurring from natural or man-made disasters and the efforts of recovery.

Scientific papers

A huge issue that faces science writes is the access to the past scientific papers. While many scientific papers are well documented, shared and aggregated by many websites like Google Scholar, Academiam Microsoft Research and IGCSE World. Many are not available to the hands of researchers for various reasons. This can be usually attributed for the cost of accessing these papers, lack of well-documenting the papers citations, topics, journals and so on.

Recommended websites

These websites are recommended to all science writers which to have access to past scientific papers


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